Additional measures towards fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

Good sanitizing practices reduces the risk of contact spreading and by ensuring sanitizing means at vital entry points within workplaces will reduce local transmission risks.

  • Walk thru disinfectant spray units

when someone walks through the spry zone the unit will activate and disinfect the person and their trolley
  • Can be inside and outside buildings and shopping centers


  • Sensor operated



We supply the sanitation liquids in 25-liter drums @ R 6.25 per liter
On averaged the running cost per person is between 10 cents to 15 cents per person.

Chemicals used is SABS approved

  • Highly active and effective against a broad spectrum of micro-organisms.
  • Non-corrosive and, safe non-toxic to humans.
  • Remains active in the presence of organic matter.
  • Biodegradable
  • Broad pH activity.
  • Environment and marine safe.
  • Cost effective.
  • Safe to use in food preparation areas

Now selling at

R19 500 excluding vat

With FREE installation in the Durban area

The product supplied works on a wide range of DNA and RNA viruses. In general, the biocide work by several mechanisms. Pathogens and other non-cellular micro-organisms can survive for short periods on surface areas due to a variety of support systems. The biocide prevents attachment and entry of viruses into cells, interfere with various stages of viral replication processes or translation and polyprotein processing to prevent the release of the viruses to infect other cells.

The product is completely safe

compling with SANS standards

SANS 51650 EN 1650

SANS 53704 EN 13704

SANS 51276 EN 1276