Water Guru

It’s our passion to provide clean water for those in need.

Providing clean water is our specialty

Water Guru are water specialists in Durban, and we provide a variety of services from the installation of borehole filtration system, effluent management systems, desalination of sea water to containerized purification systems in Southern Africa.
We are specialists in the sterilization of residential and industrial water supply we advise home owners on the recycling of their water supply in order to reduce water cost in a dry country. We help with industrial effluent treatments to clean and recycle industrial water waste.

We have worked with big companies such as; Toyota, BMW Pinetown, AA Spice, Orange Grove dairy, The Cricket Stadium, Automould and Trufruit.


Effluent Waste Water Systems

Most businesses have a big problem when it comes to the amount of out flowing water or gas to a natural body of water, from a structure such as a water waste treatment plant, sewer pipe, or industrial outfall.

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Desalination of Water

Desalination is a process that takes away mineral components from saline water. More generally, desalination refers to the removal of salts and minerals from sea water.

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Mobile Containerized Purification Systems

Complete purification system is set up in a container designed to purify the water available to you at your premises.

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Our Services

Hands On at all times
Clean drinking tap water is a valuable resource but unfortunately due to environmental pollution, chemical contaminants are finding their way into our water supplies from municipal sewage, pollutants, agriculture, industrial pollution, old eroding water pipes and more…


Water Analysis

We do all water tests from the cleanest to the dirtiest water. Have you ever considered getting your water tested??

We provide assistance and advice for filter and container systems, boreholes, domestic and industrial water filter systems, effluent waste water decontamination, desalination, grey water and rain water harvesting, off the grid units, water yield and analysis testing. Replacement filters and containers, UV lights and all accessories and spares are available from our catalogue.

If you need to know anything about water, contact us today.