Effluent Treatment

We specialize in effluent treatment

Most businesses have a big problem when it comes to the amount of out flowing water or gas to a natural body of water, from a structure such as a water waste treatment plant, sewer pipe, or industrial outfall.

This leads to industrial damage and causes pollution to nature habitats. Most companies do not have a solution for their water waste, so their only solution is to pay an unnecessary water waste fine. These fine’s get more expensive the more your water your company wastes. These are monthly income’s you could save if only you had an Effluent treatment installed.
At Water Guru we specialize in Effluent Treatment for your business. We have a look at what exactly your business does and how we could reduce the use of water. We do so by designing a system that will fill your needs and saving you lots of money. The System will remove all chemicals from the water and be stored in tanks, this water is purified to the form where you could drink it. This will allow you to use the water from the tanks, for business.

You are now not only saving money by avoiding water waste fine’s but also saving when it comes to your water bill. You also have a clean conscious knowing that you are not causing pollution for the environment. This would also give your business a heads up, when your clients know that you are filling their needs and also keeping the environment in mind.

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