About Water Guru

Clean drinking tap water is a valuable resource but unfortunately due to environmental pollution, chemical contaminants are finding their way into our water supplies from municipal sewage, polluted, agriculture, industrial pollution, old eroding water pipes and more…

Tap water has been shown to contain heavy metals, additives, pesticides, radon to name a few. Water may also travel through decaying pipes that may be eroding and leaching harmful chemicals into the water long before it reaches your kitchen. Yikes!

The average person uses 150 litres of water every day, and this puts a strain on supply as well as on fish, wetland birds and other wildlife that rely on ponds, rivers, and streams.

The water we get through the mains system is cleaned to drinking standard, a process which has significant associated carbon emissions. However, only about half of the water we use needs to be cleaned to this standard.

We will build systems to suit your needs
Water Filters in the Home
Point-of-entry or point-of-use water filtration for the home. No matter whether you are in a hard or a soft water area, there’s no substitute for great tasting water free from impurities – especially as health experts advise a minimum daily consumption of two litres per person. Purification can help provide the best possible water for the whole house at point-of entry or improve the quality of your drinking water at point-of-use.